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Scour popular film sets places, take photo’s and earn 2000 dollar a week: it sounds like a dream job. It isn’t for one motivated movie enthusiast with social media skills because Netflix is looking for a so-called gram master that completely comes off on Instagram. Netflix and Instagram namely have beaten hands together for the ‘Gram Masters. They search Instagram photographers who know their way through filters, hashtags and economical perspectives. It is not a full time job, but it’s almost worth it to quit your current job. According to the job description, which can be found on the Netflix website, is looking for someone who scours sets of movies and series appearing on Netflix, and takes some pictures and share them on Instagram. And for that Netflix will pay you $ 2,000 per week. Expenses are reimbursed.

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Summer where are you!? Anyway, if the stunning new edition of Bikini Babes won’t bring you in the … mood we seriously have to consider if it makes sense to get going with Get Addicted.. it brought me in the … mood anyway so you’ll know the answer now I think;) 836db220c87a84237490a4eadfc96c6a strand-2 1209078_10151688858830326_1699644917_n 1546385_10151992275460326_1942474521_n 10426297_10152948127120326_7613363053452052890_n beachbabes-8 beachbabes-30 ec1447c9e02577b2862afbf535fac66d ed48a4240cc61fbd1b486eeba22a3b3b lange-benen-22 patrick_(7)__700 piksmiks-79-768x1024 quiz-13 quiz-21 random-perfection-15-01 random-perfection-15-02 random-perfection-15-05-700x1051 random-perfection-16-01 Screenshot_2015-04-17-09-14-01~2 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-06-37 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-09-58 Screenshot_2015-05-28-11-10-11 sexypixmix-110 stoeipoes-17 strand-1   strand-3 strand-4 strand-5 strand-6 strand-7 strand-8 strand-9 strand-11 strand-15 strand-18 strand-20 strand-22 strand-25 strand-27

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Waiter, give me just an Old Fashioned! While you ever stands in the sickest building and looks out on the Mexican Basaseachic Fall. This Copper Canyon Cocktail Bar is still a concept, like the previous sentence, but it is coming. COPPER-CANYON-COCKTAIL-BAR-2 Here you can drink a cocktail adventurous, because the floor is made of glass panels and therefore you look more than 200 meters down. Besides your drinks there are also opportunities to eat or take a dip in the pool. COPPER-CANYON-COCKTAIL-BAR3 However, you have to climb quite a bit before you can enjoy your cocktail. COPPER-CANYON-COCKTAIL-BAR-1

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“I was really wasted last Friday!” Can have several meanings, this allows you, among other things choose to go out with friends in the middle of the night, or to pack your longboard and terrorizing a mountain. Project-Moonlight_2 In either case, you can go crashing hard in any case. Though the latter option does significantly a lot riskier. These guys have decent balls of steel, because this is really crazy. But the images it produces are fortunately breathtakingly beautiful.