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There are many theories about why boobs are men magnets: they stand for fertility, they are a sign of sexual maturity, they feel good and are fun to watch. But what exactly? Larry Young, author of The Chemistry Between Us, claims that breasts are designed to create an emotional connection. While breastfeeding is the bonding hormone oxytocin; sex (with her breasts as well are often allowed to participate) causes the same effect, which strengthens the bond between partners. “Most animals go their separate ways after they have had sex with each other,” says Young. But people have relationships with each other. Sex is not only for reproduction in our case, but also to strengthen the bond with each other. jetsers-2 kannonnennn-3 because_boobs-25 jetsers-22 silvie_bikini_strand-20 tumblr_nkedmqZGEo1u0t3tco1_500 tumblr_now9yjQu5a1tjd582o1_500 tumblr_o1qtvdG2s21uz3884o1_500 vette_tittnn-7 jetsers-42 tumblr_o06li54zC71tjd582o1_1280 tumblr_n56p68mmXw1qf4ulyo1_500 jetsers-211 jetsers-26 jetsers-241 stoeipoes_zondag-10 tumblr_nomzt4ySRU1uqdezio1_400 tumblr_ntr6jdJizq1smydn8o1_500 jetsers-5 Stoute-selfshots-13 BrUmSzjIAAEpavU stoeipoes_zondag-6 jetsers-231 jetsers-301 wkhap16924 jetsers-391 vette_tittnn-18 jetsers-9 jetsers-11 37584264cb567d34a0c674b41363616d jetsers-19 vette_tittnn-5

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In Sweden they want to continue & implement the national plan to shorten the workday from eight hours to six hours. As many Swedish companies have already made the transition. It is the solution to absenteeism and inefficiency according Mats Pilhem, vice mayor of the Swedish city of Gothenburg. “In addition, it saves money,” he says. If you’re not a fan of Sweden, you’ll be it now. It is in fact fine linger for several companies since the 6-hour day is introduced as an standard workday. It has indeed been shown that an 8-hour day has influence to the detriment of the health, positivism and productivity of workers. And as a workday is shorter appears that the staff is much more motivated and more (positive) to move the same amount of work and complete it. It also does not come at the expense of the salary, they just simply earn more per hour now. EXPERIMENT IN GOTHENBURG In the Swedish municipality of Gothenburg has been recently launched an experiment involving two departments of the city council must perform a different number of hours per day. One group of officials must now work only six hours a day, the other group will continue to operate the usual 40 hours work week. Both groups are paid the same wage. “The purpose of the study is to examine the extent to which our employees are happier to report less frequently ill and / or they feel physically and mentally better through shorter working days,” said Pilhem. Gothenburg this year conducted the initial six-hour day also for the nursing staff. The experiment will run until the end of next year and must demonstrate that the additional cost of 14 new nurses outweighs the improvements. The experiment has also been introduced at the University Clinic in Gothenburg and in two hospitals in Umeå. If this experiment succeeds, this would save more money, according to the vice mayor and generate more jobs. Working fewer hours increases the efficiency. Little by little the 6-hour workday increasingly becoming the standard in Sweden. What can we do? Trunks and suits to Sweden!

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A short snappy haircut or just a shitload of hair with braids, everything is tolerable;) But which trends in hairstyles are like to seen in the spring of 2016? Spring is in the starting blocks, so we are allowed to look ahead to the some hair trends. In addition: well prepared is half the battle.

Keep it long

Yes, long hair is and remains a thing. Also in the spring of 2016. Buns are on their return but long hair itself is definitely a keeper. We see hairstyles worn neatly backwards but also casually to one side, is something many will see in the spring of 2016. long-hairstyleonpoint  


This spring we see military influences in the extremely short hairstyles for men. But instead of shave the whole head. the top of your hair is held just a little longer. This hairstyle is best for men with a clear jawline and prominent cheekbones. Big advantage is that this hairstyle is very easy to maintain. Why difficult as it… hairstyleonpoint


What is possible with long hair and what is just a bit more difficult with short, is to follow the trend; braids. Shine braid;) man-braid-5 1

The casual cowlick

Men with guts let Mother Nature do her job this spring. Needless to show which side it stands out and keep the gel jar behind closed doors. Tasty loosely on top and just with your / her hands through the hair doesn’t have to be a problem. Where a crest of at least 10 cm is a guideline, the sides may still be a little shorter, also in 2016. It is striking that the sides are always guarded. Not short in the sense of short crew cut, but just a centimeter. Of all though, the length difference remains. side-swept-hairstyleonpoint david-beckham-hair medium-hair-3    

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Finally Leonardo DiCaprio can address his Oscar! But is it not a pity price? Last night was a time in Los Angeles where he had been waiting for for long: for his role in ‘The Revenant’ Leonardo DiCaprio won his first Oscar. But apart from this price we can roll a handful still mention which he certainly deserved such a golden statuette. His profit is nothing more than naturally deserved. But this price still felt a little forced, as if it was now or never. But lets be honest: the man is a boss. We can count him as certainly one of the best, if it’s not, the best actors of his generation. But you can not fall below a comparison with top director Martin Scorsese. “Marty” finally won his first – and so far only one (!) – Oscar for Best Director for ‘The Departed’. Good movie? Certainly. His best? Absolutely not. A small selection of the bizarre amount of great classics that made this man, “Mean Streets,” “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull,” “Goodfellas,” Cape Fear, “” Casino “” Gangs Of New York, “” The Aviator “” The Wolf Of Wall Street ‘and many others. In between there are really more better movies than “The Departed,” with all due respect of course. To make a long story short: of course a gold statuette belongs on Leonardo’s mantelpiece. But more than one should regard us. That is why we have put all the epic roles from the boss at a glance for you, and of course, it leaves us with no choice to congratulate him. Congrats Leo! ‘What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?’ (1993) ‘The Aviator’ (2005) ‘The Departed’ (2006) ‘Blood Diamond’ (2007) ‘Django Unchained’ (2012) ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ (2013)

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The best of the best guys, not only those stunning juicy asses but also all the editions of booty yeah we made. What make us click on a nice pair of buttocks all the time? Maybe I know the answer cause I’ll do the same if is see this kind of featured images. Anyway, I saw them first, BUTT there is enough left for you, enjoy it! 11377184_898912630147714_7028355172641665585_n asociaal_lekker_kontjes-6 ass42 asociaal_lekker_kontjes-20 tumblr_nun0gef2dJ1upahz8o1_1280 tumblr_nbbnrdT0iH1r39x5ko1_500 tumblr_nu18zjA8sW1skg5ngo2_1280 11174450_855233497858757_8554253657753137881_o 11781761_854360754612698_1704316362809358762_n tumblr_nubse0uohK1upahz8o1_1280 11885308_926528650719445_5676135141832992966_n booty-cover ass40 tumblr_nn0sy6pjUP1r39x5ko1_500 tumblr_nupqlwAjCY1ueigu9o1_500 asociaal_lekker_kontjes-4 41a9c11a10683115bbc3ae4a586407e6 kontjes-37 rondingen-1 6ec9460f9fcfd58ed3d0bd38e57f7ebc tumblr_nupy76rMRy1udvpupo1_540 ass23 11846698_922844061087904_3604366329366304252_n tumblr_nujgp0EOIO1upahz8o1_1280 sexypixmix-141 ass-4 tumblr_nug12uWThd1ucysuao1_400 tumblr_nukcuiB1sK1upahz8o1_1280 tumblr_nubx26qVpQ1upahz8o1_1280 tumblr_ntepvg3BPB1todqi6o1_1280 tumblr_ntwvfxfe0s1ruz6zso1_500 tumblr_n8u4esbI8w1snrf1io1_500 tumblr_nsf1otdGfv1tjd582o1_1280