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Smartphones, tablets, laptops and TVs, we spend more time daily with one of these devices than without. It’s super convenient that we can do everything digitally. You’re in touch with everyone, tasks done quickly and we have access to all information and content. Unless you have no internet connection… It shows just how dependent we have become on the internet wand it get’s more difficul when the Wi-Fi does not work that great most times. Bringing in the smart Wi-Fi system Eero in your life seems to change from here… Eero-5

4G Hotspot in the absence of good

You just watch a movie on Netflix or even just send an important email with your laptop, but it is made impossible by the absence of your WiFi signal? Often it helps to reset the router or even some devices that use Wi-Fi, just turn it off and on again. If that does not work, your smartphone still offers a solution by creating a WiFi hotspot with the 4G internet bundle you have. It can be very frustrating when you don’t have access to WiFi. The Eero WiFi system makes it possible to create a fast, full Wi-Fi coverage in the house without those problems, keep reading. Eero-7-e1456745150924

Full wireless coverage at home

You can compare Eero’s router with a speaker that you place at a central place to provide each room of good sound. The signal has difficulty getting through walls, or to deliver a strong signal in the house above. If you connect the first Eerobox to your modem, and the others divided in your home you’ll have the optimal wireless coverage without dead zones. This system is not really new, but Eero made it new; you can use the mobile app to manage your Internet connection. Connecting the network works with the app and you only need to provide separate devices for flow, the app does the rest. eero-lifestyle-garage-e1456745222173 eero-lifestyle-kitchen-e1456745244479 The mobile app shows you all the in’s and out’s of your WiFi network. So you see what devices uses the network and how fast the network is. Your visits will no longer ask for a code, the app detects who is present and can provide them access to the network. It is also possible to set up a guest network. Eero update itself continuously and improve performance, as new opportunities appear to come over time. When Eero detects a problem, the system solves the problem immediately. Manual resets are unnecessary in the future. You probably already decreases super fast internet, now it’s time that you can use it to. Eero-6 For a house of average size it requires two or three EERO’S. You can buy the EEERO for $199,- here and the three package for $ 499,- here. For now it’s only available in the United States but it will definitely conquer the world!

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A supercar from the Eastern Bloc does not sound logical, but it’s really true. The Croatian Rimac presented their Concept One this week. A fully electric supercar that can compete with the big names in the automotive world. In 2011 cremated Rimac car world with a concept of this car, but after that there was a long silence. Until last Monday, because they announced that the Concept One will be to see in full glory in Geneva! The Croatian car manufacturer managed to build a working supercar of an ambitious concept that is even better than they had expected. With its few big batteries and a snappy electric motor it pops in 2.6 seconds from 0 to 62 mph and has a ridiculous top speed of 220 kilometers per hour. If you dare to rage across the tarmac at this rate the battery is quickly empty, but if you do it easy, you can drive 372 miles. Rimac 2 The performance is therefore good, but also in terms of looks the streamlined car does not drives far behind the big boys from Germany and Italy. The price is not known yet, but in 2012 they reported that it should cost around the 900k. Will you still prefer for the German thoroughness or Italian beauties for that money? Rimac 3 Rimac 4 Rimac 5 Rimac 6

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With these apps you keep control over your love handles. 1. 100% ARMY FIT British Climber empty takes you on the same fitness journey as a soldier in training. So you get the stamina and strength of a soldier, without the drill screaming sergeant. (Free for iOS and Android) 2. NUTRINO Tell the app your goals and food preferences, and it makes a realistic diet plan for you. It’s like having your own nutritionist – but one that does not charge 60 euros per hour. (Free for iOS and Android) 3. LOSEIT This app keeps your weight, training, feeding schedule, blood pressure and sleep patterns by. You can also share your schedules with other users, so you can stabbing each other in the arm. (Free for iOS, Android and Kindle) 4. FITOCRACY Burn fat is much easier when you can share the knowledge of half a million other users. This app keeps track of your progress, ask advice from others and even challenging. (Free for Android and iOS)

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Is that a slide?
Not only offices trendy startups can be equipped with playful elements. Even in your home you can add a nice eye catcher. Just take an example of this property, the owners went for a sleek and modern design that nevertheless playful and homely. The result is so beautiful that you would like to withdraw equal; despite the house, located in Ukraine. Oh yeah: +1 for the slide. Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior1 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior2 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior3 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior4 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior5 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior6 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior7 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior8 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior9 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior10 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior11 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior12 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior13 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior14 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior15 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior16 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior17 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior18 Stylish and playful together form the perfect interior19

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Johnny has a nice nightcap weather in store for you. This time it is one of the most beautiful women on Instagram, namely Mary Shum. It took J.Bravo therefore quite a while to find the best pictures of this model. But because choosing is for suckers, I just throw in the most pictures for the best topic on your Sunday. First off, I have to apologize to you Bros, because I’ve been sitting on this one for longer than I care to say. Calculating, precisely, the perfect time to drop Mary Shum for all the world to see, and subsequently fall in love with, because it’s impossible not to. Well, today is that day. Meet Mary Shum, the absolute hottest model on Instagram who you never knew existed until 13 seconds ago. After much deliberation, it’d be an injustice to humanity if I didn’t lead with this picture. _WItJJ726BA 7TWN4Awjx0E 43c696ea292a11e3a72f22000aeb0de0_7 12552471_579562268862244_298370748_n foBXT4vEkIM mary-1 Mary-Chum-MMB22 mary-shum-is-the-hottest-instagram-model-youve-never-heard-of-and-oh-my-lord_1 maxresdefault sHeHEMeUU1U tumblr_npyfam64tV1t85fpzo1_1280 tumblr_nulcgoFuII1tuxbduo1_500 tumblr_nx37meTfnm1rv2yrao3_540 tumblr_nxr2j7vllq1uz1r3do1_1280 tumblr_ny8emwj5Tx1rp93m1o1_1280 tumblr_o15s25O4Lu1uvn02fo1_540 TyA56SVuE3E xjbAHuG8MyM