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We can not guarantee that you will not end up in the ER thanks to these delights. 1. The horny boss The Position: You’re on your toes while you sit at the counter. .. The sex is spontaneous. Why it’s dangerous: penile fractures are usually caused by violent sex, explains Justin Lehmiller, professor of human sexuality at Harvard University. When your partner is sitting on the counter andyou miss your goal out of all the excitement, your penis might land on her pubic bone or a kitchen cupboard. Not pleasant right. Also dangerous: Each standing position, you must be on your toes. One small moment of weakness in your legs can make your young gentleman let make a big slip-up. 2. A Swiss Ball adventure with too much lubricant The Position: You are sitting together on a Swiss ball, on top of it. It does keep the job moving, nice, but not without danger. Dangerous because: It not only can glide away with lube-stained, the bounce of the ball ensures more space between you and her. This allows you to fold your penis. Also dangerous: Each Position where she sits on top and controls the movements. There is no control over your penis, and you not know exactly whether he is going to hit his target. 3. Cowgirl where she leans backwards The Position: You lie on your back, she on top of it. She leans far back. Tad far back. Dangerous because: Your penis can, like an elbow or knee, tracing when too much downward pressure on the shaft. It can lead to the over pull of the penis after a period of time, the Peyronie’s disease, in which the build-up of scar tissue ensures that the penis remains bent. That could make sex impossible;) 4. The pogo stick The Position: This is a kind of standing missionary. You hold her down while she has her legs around you. You lean back and bend your knees that you can make a thrusting motion. Dangerous because: All acrobatic delights endanger your back. In addition you cna topple when you have a moment to lose your balance. The other danger: you drop her on the floor, ouch;)

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Hawaii is a paradise on earth and this breathtaking drone video confirms it again. you will be captured in a two minutes nutshell on the beautiful islands, beaches, mountains and nature that Hawaii knows. An unwise good movie that will probably bring you in the summer mood and where you will be jealous of.

LANIAKEA – Hawaii by Drone from Karim Iliya on Vimeo.


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