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Red Bull is the king when it comes to extreme sports videos and this time they have really outdone themselves. The energy drink namely invited the greatest daredevils in the world to create a truly epic video. Eight different extreme sports combined with the breathtaking moab valley as a backdrop. Gruesome. 8-Disciplines-of-Flight-Converge-over-Moab-Chain-Reaction-4k

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Women who are regularly in the gym are simply accustomed to do it on the top level. So also between the sheets;) 1. Fit Girls know everything about sets and reps, so a second round is no problemo. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 2. They are flexible, which is always a bonus in bed. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 3. Their stamina is fantastic by the long sessions in the gym. 1 hour fun in the bedroom is nothing compare with CrossFit. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 4. They look good. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 5. They do not just lie down. That means endurance enough for other positions! This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 6. If they running 10 kilometers, then think of the possibilities in the bedroom. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 7. They know how much work it takes to keep a body fit, so they appreciate this even more of their partner. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 8. They are competitively, which can lead to sexy sex games. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 9. They are strong, so they can more easily maintain standing sex in the shower. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! 10. They have no problem with sweating. This is why fit-girls are better in bed! tumblr_mw6r0v2dJh1s5qqwpo1_500 tumblr_mw7can9pwR1s5qqwpo1_400 tumblr_mxse88fGXA1s5qqwpo1_400 tumblr_my1fm8d8zM1s5qqwpo1_500 tumblr_ni5w0w8ZhA1u5ngcfo1_400 tumblr_nkg1ttelIo1s5qqwpo1_400 tumblr_nqmep9ZQHw1uq9apho3_540 tumblr_nrommcWA1j1uq9apho1_400 tumblr_nrommcWA1j1uq9apho2_400 tumblr_nsaw6qH0SD1uvi1sno1_400

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A new research shows that Facebook appeals the same brain regions as cocaine. American researchers from the University of Southern California examined twenty students (ten men and ten women) aged 18 to 23 years. They observed the brains of the participants by means of an MRI scan and found out that browsing Facebook had about the same effect as cocaine. Those who often find were stimulated the same brain regions as that of drug addicts when they use drugs on the social media website. Incidentally, it is not the first time that Facebook is called a “drug”. In 2012, research showed that the social network is more addictive than sex or tobacco.

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The grass is always greener on the otherside.. rich Russian childs. They hang it nice and wide with the money from Daddy. On the Instagram page Rich Russian Kids it fly’s with expensive trays, watches and scantily clad ladies. Perfect material for yourself thus be fitted for some new life goals. We have made a selection with the best over-the-top shots that are on the page. Of course these teens are spoiled knots but it is still fun to watch how the filthy rich Russians spend their non acid-earned money.

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Using these tips to re-set your GoPro – and create your own awesome professional videos! GoPro’s are sought after gadgets – the picture quality is incredible, and the small box delivers you the most amazing videos for YouTube. But it stands and falls with the correct settings, and lets just say GoPro have a labyrinth of menus and submenus. If you make the wrong choices, your video can be half as cool as that it had been with the correct settings. Use these tips for settinga – and use – from your camera to produce professional photos and videos. Confirm If you shoot with high speed – such as a motor or road bike – mount the camera on your helmet or on your chest, not the vehicle. Your body absorbs shocks much better than your bike, and the action looks also much more impressive because the viewer can empathize better at this point. Items You don’t need to be pro skate or BMX champion to take great shots. The most popular GoPro videos on YouTube are made from the most surprising items such as hula hoops or toy of a dog. Use your imagination and improvise where necessary. With duct tape and tie wraps, you can shoot the most magical images. Selfie Stick Attach your GoPro on a selfiestick, preferably one that is waterproof (as QuikPod). You can not only make the most epic selfies while you climb, fly or skiing, but it also let your creativity go over. Use it to shoot across people using it while diving to get close unusual fish or insert it into a canal, to look if there are underwater city’s;). Settings Here begins the difficult work. Set your camera to the correct settings can be tricky. Videographer Dan Ransom (danransom.com) explains what settings they recommend for your GoPro:        A) High-speed action. Resolution: 720p; Frame rate: 120fps; Image scale: Narrow. “So you get sharp images without any unnecessary elements to come, ” Ranson explains.” For low speeds, this setting is convenient. ”        B) General Purpose. Resolution: 1080p; Frame rate: 60fps; Image scale: Medium. “This setting I use most often, ” Ranson said.” This gives you less the fisheye effect, and sharper images. ”        C) Sharp. Resolution: 2.7K; Frame rate: 30fps: Image scale: Wide. “This is the highest resolution that I use,” I said. “It delivers the most crisp and clean image even in low light. Also, you can still easily reduce the frame when editing the picture.” Also make pictures Remember you can also take pictures with the GoPro. In fact, a popular strategy is to make videos and photos at once. So you have pictures with a high resolution in addition to your video. Go to your settings and activate Simultaneous Video and Photo mode. Click on the link to see our GoPro archive for some awesome inspiration!