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Actually, the Sesto Elemento is not intended for road use, but that doesn’t matter for the prosperous Arab. He took his fancy car with a gift out to him once while quite stepping on the tail. A purchase price of 2 million? We can’t hear ya;) For those hefty stack of tabs you’ll get one of the most exclusive Lambo’s on earth, there are only 20 owners of the Sesto Elemento. A carriage with an old-fashioned V10 under the hood with 570 horsepower makes it possible to accelerate to 100 in 2.5 seconds. Not really difficult because of the low weight of 999 kilograms. We’m see it crack around in the wild, awesome!

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You know Sara Underwood? You know Sara Underwood:) Frequently shown at Get Addicted, renowned burger bakery and Playmate of the Year 2007. Not surprising that they are able – together with a few very delicious frieds – to launch the best commercial ever for an app. That app is called Start or Sit, a game where your can select your fantasy football players from a variety of sports. Not really exciting.. on the contrary of the promo video with Sara & co.

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I don’t know if we already dedicated a post about the beauty Hannah Polis or that she’s just a stunning lady with a fit body every man will highly praise we can’t forget. Her pictures are are surfing around the web faster than the big wave riders in Hawaii, and it seems to be logical if we see the shining pearl in bikini, every human being like to watch some beautiness, check it out with your own eyes! Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-1 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-1 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-2 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-2 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-3 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-3 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-4 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-4 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-5 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-5 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-06 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-6 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-6 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-7 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-8 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-9 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-10 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-12 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-13 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-14 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-16 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-17 Hot-on-Instagram-Hannah-Polites-18

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It seems that more and more women are in for the A adventure: a study of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows 36 percent of women (and 42 percent of men) tried anal sex. According to sexresearcher Kimberly McBride anal sex seems always be popular, and its taboo – thanks PornHub – slowly but surely is broken. However, not every woman wants to make anal sex a regular part of your sex life: only 8 percent of the women said they had an anal adventure the last month. “Most women keep it for special days,” says McBride. “They do it for example, only on his birthday, or Valentine’s Day.”   It does not necessarily have to be a favor. “That place is full of nerve endings,” says McBride. “If you do it right, it can be very enjoyable for her.” Follow these steps so that they might even ask for it the next time: Talk The ice must be carefully broken, says sex Professor Debby Herbenick, author of Good in Bed Guide to Anal pleasuring. Plan the moment so that anal sex starts well,.” “Your partner should not think that you are dissatisfied with your current sex life.” Find a time that you are both calm and relaxed. No SEXTALK so if you have just ten minutes are arguing in any supermarket about what should be on the table tonight. Do not drink Drunk or tipsy during the first time anal sex is a no go. “It is difficult to estimate how your partner feels and if she is in pain,” says Herbenick. The best is fasting, so you can observe each other well during the act. Ask permission Even though she has indicated during SEXTALK you have to be open to anal sex, this doesn;t mean that the specific lovemaking will immediately allowed to use. Cadell emphasizes that you should make sure that she’s ready. Tasty grease Very important: Lbricant, you can use a water-based lubricant or silicone based. Do not be stingy with it. Build it up Her green light does not mean you can start immediately. Build it up with one finger. Then two and then a small sex toy, advises Cadell. Then you could try it for yourself. It may be that it doesn’t succeed immediately, but be patient and spread the work out over several days. So they can also get used to the idea.