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Lightning almost hits girl in Sydney!!! Boyfriend’s reaction is hilarious! Filmed at Tamarama beach near Bondi on the 1st of Feb, 2016, Sydney storms going crazy!

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I’ve achieved many small and big dreams in my life, and sometimes they were either abandoned quick (and) slowly as they came. All the happenings are confirmed and verified with that what my mind and vibes were expressing that time, yes I’m talking about reflecting growing up. But I’ve build up a lot of acknowledgments and learned a lot of lessons in failure and success, it always find it’s destiny with the right feed in front of us if you want to. But most of all.. the goals, the satisfaction – it’s where I life for – have been achieved. The inspiration in the last time came from many entrepreneurs, the law of attraction and high level conscious mind tricks. So many sources, inspiring people and experiences have been establish and went through my life that I won’t keep it for myself,, you’ll discover it anyway so here’s your little push in the back. In the long list of cliches, “this year I’m going to do it differently” possibly at its best. Obviously, because cliches are usually very true, but they’ll come if you’re really ready for it. And sometimes they feel ’empty’ – they have lost their value or you really don’t know what you’re doing or willing to do. Very sin actually, because they often get exactly the core. In this case, your desire for the life you really want. There’s nothing wrong with it in order to start to realize your dreams, this year, 2016. There is never, never anything wrong with starting to realize your dreams. Exciting its, logically, it is in fact something to be exciting for, something to be scared off, something you have to do once in your life!! These 10 tips can help you to get step by step closer to your ideal life. Sounds delicious right?:) 1. Dream big! If you dream, anything goes – after all – it’s your dream. Don’t add water to the wine, but allow yourself to fantasize about anything you would like to achieve. Dreams are free, it’s inspires and motivates you. Eckhart Tolle wrote in his book ‘The Power of Now, people are generally afraid to be happy than unhappy. Pull it after: how about you? 2. Visualize your dreams. It’s scientifically proven that visualization works! By seeing where you are going, as detailed as possible, the chance that you achieve your goals is much higher. A few minutes a day makes all the difference. 3. Identify your dreams like you’ve already achieved. … And speak it out loud in front for the mirror (eg, “I’m working to let my dream grow, I’m already made the first one happen, I’m traveling in.. I’m so fucking happy..” This creates a mindset where your ‘system’ itself goes, believe me. And when you believe in something, it becomes easier to achieve it, we all know that I hope! 4. Make it concrete. Make your dream a very specific purpose. Including date and time. “August 1 2016 I’ll walk the New York Marathon.” As in the previous step, you formulate it as if it’s been so far, see yourself doing it. 5. Create a roadmap. To-do list, wish list, wheter you want to call it. Once you have your goal clearly, put it into smaller steps. Write them down so you can check off what you have already achieved. The smaller the increments, the better you can “feel” that YOU”RE GETTING CLOSER TO YOUR DREAMS! These were small and little things with a big elaboration, the validate is coming from successful people and I’ve conducted it. It’s something I wrote down all by own with myself as only inspiration source.
I hope and think it can be something valuables and worth-full for your life,
And it’s something different than the quantity I mostly write, but Get Addicted is expressing a ‘plog’ maybe our strongest point, maybe it’s a pitfall, but we don’t let fade our dreams, yes yours to! It will be continued with the next 5 steps the forthcoming Sunday. Let me know your thoughts about my words in a comment below here, it will be really appreciated! Good luck with improving and check the resume summery below here to convince my potential sharing!

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You want to give her an exciting gift for Valentines day or just for any reason, maybe for your own pleasure or just because she deserves it, but you can’t see the store through the panties anymore. Where do you start? And above all: what suits her shape? We give you a hand at this one;) Her shape: the model She looks like Cara Delevingne; a slim figure, the bottom as wide as the hips, probablt making it often flat or boyish. Lingerie Selection; Low-rise panties give her curves and Cameron Diaz-like legs. Her shape: The hourglass She looks like Rihanna; gloriously full and heavy from below, it will be uncertain whether her buttocks do not seem out of proportion Lingerie Selection; French panties give a little peekaboo playfulness, while a higher belt line emphasizes her curves. Her shape: The diva She looks like Scarlett Johansson; Wider hips tapering to the thighs can resemble the buttocks bigger. Lingerie Selection; Opt for panties that give a lift without the roulade effect and translucent panels that glimpses to give the skin form. Her shape: The heart She looks like Miranda Kerr; This is the form that the most women desire. All you have to do is give her the right tools to show them off. Lingerie Selection; Because they can have almost all the styles, go for the risky – perhaps she does it whatsoever. Happy valentines day! Oh shit we have to wait 2 small weeks, anyway, enough time to trace the internet! Good luck!

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It is and stays the post we want and must check! Stunning photography, world, nature, people and timing, at its best! In addition and therefore, a new edition with brand new pictures every Thursday on Get Addicted’s homepage! Sit back, close your eyes and… hmm day dreaming is not the right moment, just watch and enjoy;) #Koa Smith #Teahupo’o #tube (Ming Shi Tian Yuan) in Guangxi, China. 7668dff15c7cc98107dd85d8cdbe3464 6966590-surfing-big-wave-sunset 20130201103003-9273 amaingshots-11 amaingshots-15 amaingshots-21 amaingshots-25 amazing_shots-3 amazing_shots-5 amazing_shots-7 (1) amazing_shots-15 amazing_shots-31 amazing_shots-33 amazing_shots-37 amazing_shotsf-7 amazing-9 amazingshots-11 (1) amazingshots-23 amazingshots-151 Ghana, Africa GSFPressRelease2010-09-22_01_555pxBLOG Habitat 67, or simply Habitat, is a model community and housing complex in Montreal, Canada designed by Israeli–Canadian architect Moshe Safdie IMG-20160121-WA00841 lustoog-5 lustoog-7 Madrid, Spain Manners_-De-100-meest-mooie-fotos-73-600x400 Manners_-De-100-meest-mooie-fotos-86-600x461 New York City at Dusk tumblr_m8qumbJ2Tr1qeccpho1_500 tumblr_ngyg3wzkxX1sq3g2zo1_540