WTF? This sport is very bizarre! Two men, fully dressed as a knight, fighting against each other in an octagon .. It is also called Medieval MMA. It is a new project of the Russian M-1 Global, this Organistation organizes between 100 and 200 MMA matches per year.

We still have to wait a few days for our next night out, unless we live like the man Dan Bilzerian, till we reach that day have some other night out views! The beauty of the perfect night is all mixed up below here, check it out quick;)     jurkjes-21 jurkjes-23 jurkjes-25 jurkjes-26 lachende_babes-23 random-perfection-14-12 random-perfection-14-25 strakke_jurkjes-14 strakke_jurkjes-17 strakke_jurkjes-19   strakke_jurkjes-22 strakke_jurkjes-23 strakke_jurkjes-25 jurkjes-19 strakke_jurkjes-28 (1) strakke_jurkjes-33 strakke_jurkjes-36 strakkejurkjes-1 (1) strakkejurkjess-6 strakkejurkjess-12 strakkejurkjess-23 strakkejurkjess-30 strakkejurkjess-31 strakkejurkjess-34 strakkejurkjess-40 tight_dress-19 tight_dress-30 tight_dress-34 tight_dress-39 tightdresses-9 tightdresses-10 tightdresses-14 tightdresses-22 tightdresses-27 tumblr_ntfrgaYkJk1qbj34ao1_500 tumblr_ntr2qsClrs1smydn8o1_500 tumblr_nts2f2XuwU1smydn8o1_500 vette_tittnn-16 jurkjes-16 strakke_jurkjes-20

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Fun though all those Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other supercars but if you want to see real monsters you have to see the National Hot Rod Association. The NHRA is immensely popular in the US and that’s probably because of the excitement. The race samples at the start, in fact, unprecedented amount of horsepower and there goes sometghing wrong sometimes. Brutal crashes and explosions are therefore more a rule than an exception, and as you can see in slow motion below here it’s really gruesome.

Extreme is in our DNA. AND a BIG THANK YOU to the first ONE MILLION Facebook fans! We look forward to a BIG year ahead. #NHRA

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Sport & Sex in Sequence We have some new innovation for your healthy lifestyle! Sport and sex has benefits for your love life, but your nightly romps also affect your athletic performance, check it out quick! 1. Resistance Training The release of endorphins after sex blocks the pain receptors in your brain. So you can hold it out longer with sports! 2. Martial Arts The University of L’Aquila discovered that the testosterone level is in the elevator move after sex. This makes you more competitive before a competition. 3. Rehabilitation Being close with your partner can make sure that your wounds heal twice as fast, discovered by the Ohio State University. Nothing is as good as the touch of a woman. 4. Sports foreplay Yes, coregasme exists. Core workouts can cause an orgasm. But – yes, there is a snag – only women can. According to a survey published in the Sexual and Relationship Therapy is was not a fluke: women who ever had such orgasms caused by fitness experience had it at least eleven times. 5. Sex as training It doesn’t matter whether you are good or bad in bed; during the intercourse you burn on average 225 calories. If you’re doing your best a little and the love the game late last as long as possible, you naturally burn more. It makes a difference in what scold you do it. Be the driving force;)

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If you want to be successful as Steve Jobs you have to think and act like Steve Jobs. Learn here how. Look around you. Big chances you’re reading this on a Mac or iPhone, or a laptop you work with, or at least used iTunes once in your life. All the fault of Steve Jobs;) Can a ‘common man’ obtain the power of a genius like Jobs? We asked it Daniel Smith, author of Think Like Steve Jobs. Below here are the steps that you have to make if you want to be successful as Apple. (Okay, maybe a little less successful)
Steve Jobs was a natural, you might even say Jobs built one of the world’s strongest brands without ever setting out to ‘brand’ his company.
Apple everyday The iDea; Your lifestyle determines your brain power. Why; Jobs was always busy with his health. Sometimes he only at raw foods like carrots and apples for weeks. Jobs was a herbivore, at times nothing to achieve a particular mental state. “By starting a new diet you get the euphoric high of a new goal,” says nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert. “As a weight loss program fails, dieters go in search of new hope. They find them in a new diet. “Jobs has enough failing projects launched that needed to be picked up by the good feeling of a diet. iTip; We would not advise you to go fasting or eating only raw foods. According to the Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, there are other ways to feel euphoric, for example, by means of sport. The next time you’re sad, you go out to run a lot. Your body will look for the runner’s high, thus creating endorphins. And it’s a lot more fun than two days starving.
  Stretch for success The iDea; Nerves are creativity killers. Defeat them with yoga. Why; Jobs was the chief hipster, if you’re talking about ‘doing things before it was cool. “He was long before yoga schools were popular fan of yoga and spirituality. “He wanted to detach himself from the mainstream and be sure that his reasoning was different than others,” says Smith. iTip; The All Indian Institute of Medical Science found that the stress level of the participants in the study decreased significantly when they were doing yoga. The Journal of Psychology has discovered that nerves can stand in the way of creativity. Jobs was a kind of yoga reset button that just removed his mind from work.
  Really concentrate The iDea; Your brains work the best with focus Why; “Steve Jobs was good at concentrating on one thing,” says Smith. Magazine Neurpsychologica discovered that you achieve the best focus when you only concentrate on one thing. That’s why Jobs decided to offer many distractions to do the spell. At the cost of his family by the way. iTip; The University’s College London Institute of Neuroscience recommends to reduce the number of stimuli to a minimum for proper focus. Put your phone on the side, listen to music without lyrics. Close all tabs, let open that you need open. No Facebook it’s not important enough.
  Categorize The iDea; You do not need many people to make your ideas a reality. Why; “Jobs liked to work with small teams,” says Smith. “The less votes to competing against, the sooner he could make a decision.” If he had more people on a project, the ‘not needed people’ were quickly putted aside. The journal American Psychologist agrees: modern firms with small teams be more productive. iTip; Divide and conquer. If you’re part of a big team to accomplish a task, divide the project into smaller parts. “In small teams, streamlined communication,” says Smith. You probably work twice as fast if you do it with two, instead of six. 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-9-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-3-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-4-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-5-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-6-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-7-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-2-638 7-quotes-from-steve-jobs-on-building-your-brand-8-638    

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14 facts of the global porn inquiry The world is addicted!
We looked 4392486580 hours of porn in 2015 That’s about 2.5 times longer as the period that a human is walking on this planet.
Porn Website PornHub annually examines the global behavior of porn viewers and it gives remarkable statistics. Here are 14 facts from the investigation!7 The US on the top! Obama would be proud! 14 facts of the global porn inquiry Holidays During the holidays it was quiet on the internet. We’ve watched an average 42 percent less than normal. During Christmas 18 percent and 21 percent less during Easter. Russia and Mexico were exceptions. There was just more porn examined during holidays haha. Bandwidth 1892 petabytes (that’s 1,892,000,000,000 megabytes) streamed porn in 2015. This is equivalent to the storage of all the sold iPhones in 2015. 12 movies per person on earth There are 87,849,731,608 videos watched worldwide through Pornhub. That’s about 12 per person on Earth. Kim Kardashian is the final boss 14 facts of the global porn inquiry Favorite categories 14 facts of the global porn inquiry The world is addicted In total we looked 4392486580 hour porn in 2015. That’s about 2.5 times as long as the period that a human is walking on this planet. 14 facts of the global porn inquiry Boys vs the Girls 14 facts of the global porn inquiry 14 facts of the global porn inquiry 65+ watching porn to, especially in Germany 14 facts of the global porn inquiry iOS vs. Android 52.8 percent of all pornography is watched at a mobile phone, 36.3 percent using the old-fashioned PC and the remaining 10.9 percent with the tablet. 79.6 percent of the computer viewers using Windows and 13 percent with Apple. The mobile phone was the kind standoff between the iOS and Android. But Android won with 47.9 percent, 46.22 percent of the visitors came from iOS.