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Fast Forward Kevin Rolland & Julien Regnier Freestyle Skiing This spectacular freestyle-ski-video is the must see of today! Normally you only see ski chases in Bond films, but today the X-game winners Kevin Rolland and Julien Regnier find themselves here. What starts with a phone falling from a ski lift ends up with high speeds, amazing jumps and tricks. Check the video out below! snygo-ski-fun6 ski-freestyle Bobsleigh-Ski-6 fast_forward_course-poursuite_a_la_plagne fast-forward-kevin-rolland-et-julien-regnier fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier (1) 1200x630_317911_fast-forward-kevin-rolland-jagd-julie fast-forward-kevin-rolland-julien-regnier Fast-Forward-La-Plagne Kevin-Rolland-Julien-Regnier-together-in-the-fun-short-movie-FAST-FORWARD Schermafbeelding-2015-11-26-om-17.45.08-620x309    

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Can you have sex while sleeping Imagine this: you wake up on top of your partner in the middle of the night andyou can’t remember that you were there before you went to sleep. Sounds like an unusual – but secretly quite cool – sensation, isn’t it? Keep reading, we explain it below here; Yet it’s not as uncommon as you may think. A recent Canadian study shows that approximately 11 percent of men had sex (or tried anyway) during their sleep.
The phenomenon sleepsex was officially a medical stamp, how can you be able to have sex during your sleep?
According to the survey nightly sexcapades varied of masturbation and fondling to bubbling, oral sex and real penetration. And all this while the man in question was in a deep sleep. Mostly respondents only when they woke up during the act, or if they were hearing it the next morning from the partner. The phenomenon sleepsex was this year officially a medical stamp, namely: ‘SBS’ or ‘Sexual Behavior constantly Sleep’, also called ‘sexsomnia’. Whatever you call it, there probably arises one question: how can you be able to have sex during your sleep? Actually, you could see it as a kind of sleepwalking, according to Michel Cramer Bornemann, lead researcher at the Sleep Institute in Minnesota. Once your brain passes one another sleep stage, neurons do not quite do what they should do sometimes. This can have the effect that a part of your brain suddenly goes ‘on’, while the rest is still precarious. The mistakes of these neurons mainly take place in the parts of your brain where the most basic human functions are stationed.
Basically it’s just a mistake of your brain, a strange, kinky mistake.
“Primal behavior lies somewhere far and away in your brains,” says Dr. Bornemann. “These are simple steps that you need to survive, like bring yourself in a defensive position and chewing. Sexual intercourse and the impacts with the pelvic part of that. ” In other words, you wake primal behavior and decides to rub against your partner. At the same time your brain is in the 21st century in a deep sleep. Sleep sex can happen to anyone, says Dr. Bornemann. Women may also have to be that ‘problem’: about 4 percent of the opposite sex is in a sexcapade sometimes. Don’t you think the rest of your brain can sleep while you lie to rub against her? There is evidence. Researchers made a video of a woman, which shows how she masturbates. Her brain is linked to an electroencephalogram (EEG), which clearly shows that she is unconscious. Moreover, sexsomnia has nothing to do with wet dreams, according to Dr. Bornemann. Not being happy with your ‘awake’ sex life is also no reason for sleep sex. Basically it’s just a mistake of your brain. But a strange, kinky mistake. For couples who have been together for a long time is sleep sex often harmless – sometimes even fun. But it can also cause problems. Because you are not aware of what you are doing yourself and actually can’t control it. It can also put a strain on your relationship, for example, if you think your wife sexsomnia is a sign of dreams about other women or sexual frustration. And if you ride your partner every night, it won’t give a good night rest. But actually sex sleep shouldn’t be a problem, unless you and your partner get really bothered by it. Are you worried? A visit to a sleep clinic won’t hurt that much

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There is something you should know about us, see about her and find out why Abigail doesn’t want you to hold back in bed. Just remember; We only give you the best models and the pearls of our world , and we don’t stop with sharing great content! Today we brought Abigail Ratchford to your living-room or smartphone and you’re more than welcome for that I think. Abigail Ratchford is an American model and aspiring actress known for taking the Internet media by storm in 2013 with more than 3.3 million followers to-date. Abigail’s deft use of social media, combined with her stunning pictures showcasing the brunette’s bombshell frame, proved a winning combination. This formula helped land her in numerous men’s interest magazines and websites including Esquire, Maxim, ZOO and more, along with being selected to audition for parts in feature films and television shows. She has continued to dominate the fashion industry as a featured model for designers including Michael Costello and walked in his Stello Spring Collection show during this year’s LA Fashion Week. Abigail shows no signs of slowing down in 2016, with the launch of her first calendar and special projects in the works with some of the hottest fashion designers in the country such as Kanye West and more. Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted-2 Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted-6 51422820 Model and actress Abigail Ratchford does a sexy bikini photo shoot with glamour photographer Raquel Rischard on the beach in Malibu, California on May 20, 2014. FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813Abigail Ratchford 5 Abigail Ratchford 7a Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 57_n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 76_n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 05_n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 1 Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 3 Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted-in-bed Carlos-Boozer-Abigail-Ratchford-6 Abigail-Ratchford-fotos-Instagram Get Addicted-3 B8pNn5lCcAEvbZC Abigail Ratchford n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 3_o Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 6_n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 29_n Abigail Ratchford Get Addicted 42_n
Find out why this model doesn’t want you to hold back in bed.
How can a man catch your eye? A man catches my eye when he’s sure of himself but not cocky. A sense of humor will always win me over, and someone who looks at me like I’m the only one in the room. What about a man turns you on? I love manly men, like Vince Vaughn or Leonardo DiCaprio. I don’t like guys who are too groomed or have perfectly chiseled abs. Good news for us. How can a man turn you off? Guys who are arrogant, brag, and try to impress me by name-dropping constantly turn me off. Also, guys who smoke cigarettes. Got it. What is your ideal date? A good dinner and an awesome concert with one of my favorite acts. When do you feel sexiest? When I’m in a guy’s dress shirt. Tousled hair; natural sex appeal! Is there such a thing as too much foreplay? I don’t think you can really eyeball how much foreplay is right. You just go with what feels natural and sexy in the moment. Do you like to dominate in the bedroom? Sometimes I do, but I’m used to guys always kissing my butt, so I like being put in my place now and then. Any secret fantasies? Nothing I haven’t already lived out… Lastly, any last advice for men in the bedroom? No need to rush to the main event. Also, kissing on a girl’s ear will always get you points.

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There is new collab released by the NikeLab! This time it is a collaboration with the Italian clothing brand Stone Island. The collaboration is a commemoration and celebration of the Nike Windrunner Jacket, created by Nike’s first fashion designer in 1978. The track jacket with distinctive raglan sleeves and chevron of 26 degrees was immensely popular and will match this run with the famous garment-dying skills of the Italian partner. Watch the video of this brand new collab below! The new Windrunner has to be made from Mussola gommata and Nylon Metal. Mussola gommata is a new technique of Stone Island with an ultra light cotton muslin is attached to a matte polyurethane film. This makes the new Windrunner resists water and wind. Also, there arises a characteristic shine to the outside of the jacket by a special double dye layer. The bright metallic luster of “Nylon Metal ‘comes from the structure of the nylon thread, with white gray warp and weft.

During World War II the Colt 1911 was the standard sidearm of the US military, arming American soldiers across Europe, North Africa, and the Pacfic. One common practice among GI’s was to modify their pistols by replacing their grips with so called “sweetheart grips”. Soldiers would remove the standard wooden grips from their Colts, then replace them with handmade grips featuring a photograph of a loved one. tumblr_newnj9ZqBQ1rwjpnyo2_1280 The grips were made from transparent materials, such as plexiglass and whatever forms polycarbonates were available in the 1940’s. Typically, the photos used to create the grips were of wives and girlfriends, but could also include family members, parents, and other significant people. Sweetheart01 The practice of creating custom transparent grips was not limited to sweetheart grips. Sometimes GI’s would use pinups, personal artwork, or other interesting materials. Nor was such a practice limited to Colt 1911’s. Sometime a GI would create sweetheart grips of captured enemy pistols taken as war trophies. Regardless, the customization of sidearms by American GI’s is an interesting part of World War II history, and it’s not uncommon for such pieces to be discovered by family after the death of a veteran. Source: http://sturmgewehr-1944.tumblr.com/ tumblr_newnj9ZqBQ1rwjpnyo4_500