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You can’t quite explain why, but something doesn’t feel right… and it’s possible you’ve felt that way for some time now. Perhaps you’re feeling lost? Your life seems to be lacking direction and you’re unable to see the best way through this confusing time? Or maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed with anxiety about the future? You want to make the very most of this one and precious life, but are held back by niggling fears of ‘what if I fail?’ or ‘am I good enough?’? It’s natural and in-fact – healthy even – to occasionally experience bouts of questioning and dissatisfaction in your life. However, that isn’t to say that when this happens it isn’t tough. So what can you do when things are looking dismal and you can’t help but feel dissatisfied with certain areas of your life? Here’s a simple and effective solution: rather than focus on what might be going wrong in your life, why not focus on the things that are going right? This doesn’t have to just be about the big or even material things. Just by paying attention to the small, everyday blessings you might take for granted, you’ll start to think less about what your life is lacking and more about the things you are already abundant in. Struggling to get started? Here are some suggestions, to show you that perhaps, you aren’t doing so badly after all. 1. There is oxygen in your lungs. – An obvious one, but surely something to smile about? After all, without a continuous and fresh supply of oxygen, where would you be? Breathing is something we all take for granted, until perhaps, we aren’t able to any more. So go on, celebrate this extraordinary gift that gets so little of our attention. 2. There is food in your stomach. – The next time you eat something (which probably won’t be very far off), give thanks that every time you’re feeling hungry, you can eat at any time. There are many people around the world, for whom a full belly is a rarity. So remember to never take for granted the fact that for you, a hot dinner is never far away. 3. You have access to clean water. – Again, a lot of us take for granted the fact that we have regular access to clean water – something that in many parts of the world isn’t available. So the next time you raise a glass of cool, clean drinking water to your lips, smile in appreciation for how fortunate you truly are. 4. A hot shower is pretty much a daily occurrence. – Talking of water, what about the hot shower you get to take once, or even twice a day? When there are people in the world with not enough water to drink, having access to warm water in which you routinely bath is a generous blessing. So the next time you step into the shower, recognise how lucky you are. 5. You get to sleep every night in a warm and comfortable bed. – Not everyone gets to come home from a long, exhausting day and then throw themselves down onto their comfy bed. Again, this is something so simple and (to us) mundane, but when you really think about it – what would it be like to not have a bed to sleep in every night? For many that is a very real reality. So as you lay, tucked up and comfy in your bed tonight – take note of how good it feels. 6. You have a roof over your head and security. – When you think about it, the roof over your head at night keeping you dry and safe is definitely something to smile about. You are protected from the elements, safe to sleep soundly in the protection of four walls. What’s not to appreciate? 7. You are loved. – At times you may try to convince yourself otherwise, but there’s no denying it – there are people who love you. Be it family, friends, a partner, your co-workers or neighbours…you are loved…and this is arguably the most significant blessing in your life. Love is the very essence of life – so make sure to never squander or take it for granted. 8. You have choices. – Perhaps the biggest luxury we take for granted in our modern society, is our freedom of CHOICE. What you want to do for a career…which passions you pursue…who you choose to love…when you have children…which area you live in…your education…our lives are entirely filled with choices. In the past and still in some parts of the world today, most choices are based on survival. However, for the majority of us living in this privileged modern age, we get to make choices based on what makes us happy. Now surely that is a thought worth cherishing? When you consider the above, hopefully you’re beginning to see that life really isn’t so bad after all? If you take a long, hard look at your life you’ll be surprised by just how many things are going right for you. So take a moment now and ask yourself – what else have I got to be thankful for? There’s always a reason to celebrate life – so what are you waiting for? Life is Good Right Now…Here are 8 Reasons Why. BY KATHERINE HURST

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Is there a better way to give you a better start or end of your day? You can suggest us below this post, or a meaning about the 11th edition, it will be cool to get some thumps up or criticism with thousands of visitors daily! Otherwise, if our work didn’t get rated or appreciated this will be the last edition of Just Perfection, end probably we have to quit with Get Addicted by the weekend. So comment below this post!! 00wet10 0FHM_hot18 5f3b965583015bc0bb0b7281e086bbc9 07a367e8f02bee2bca890d900422a95e 0592c47d8358fddd2476984bdde2393a 11745313_890418681034679_1528340379220396675_n (1) apixmix-30 beste-konten-van-2015-38 beste-konten-van-2015-39 BtQYWK-IAAEh4NJ db85215344a4a57884a4ec096e681a40 f7cf89259c9bf82625803a9a30ddd67d IMG_1194 quiz-6 rondingen-18 rondingen-81 rondingen-191 sappigereten-2 sappigereten-17 selfiesheet-30 sesssssyy-2 sesssssyy-4 sesssssyy-10 sesssssyy-35 sexy dump 10 sexypixmix-2 sexypixmix-3 sexypixmix-35 sexypixmix-91 sexypixmix-101

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You are a man and want sex immediately or maybe almost guaranteed? No problem! A new study has now found the ultimate secret recipe which let you conquer every woman. Or your girlfriend in this case. It’s easy, all you have to do is this, so that you reward your sweetheart for sex. The key to a fulfilling sex life is so simple and is in the form of dirty dishes in the kitchen. The American researcher Constance Gager and T. Scott T. Yabiku found out: The man on the mountain of dirty dishes, let women more quickly drop their cases, household foreplay is loved. [2jslideshow id=”15700″] But what logical stands behind it? You think it would be nonsense and a trick, so the guys swing the rag? No way! Psychologically, this is all a matter of reward principle, according to the researchers. Of course, women have less lust when all the housework gets hung up on them. Sex is, of course, rather less or not at all popular. If you dpruge your loved one’s homework, she will be incredibly grateful and shows you benefits if it comes to sex! So you know what to do;) Put the laundry together, start vacuuming the floor and see how it will increase your sex life!

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It has been a while since we posted the last edition of Awesome Shots. But our plans, private archives and content are getting bigger than our posting capacity at the moment! So any help is more than welcome, we also can offer a small compensation income for the hobbyist, I’ll tell you more about it later if you are really interested. So in addiction, our private archives plan is growing and of course is Awesome Shots indispensable if we talk about ‘lifestyle’ But there is more than that, is amazingly, it’s photography on the next level. Our should I say photoshop? Cause it’s really satisfactory for the eyes, maybe it is a great mix of Travel, Photography, Great people, Timing, Places, and so farther. How is it sounds? Awesome right? Exactly, that’s why we called it “Awesome Shot” so take your moment cause we can’t guarantee that it excludes jealousy.   5d415a4041c47c6038b7d21551c1a786 9c599ba5c56d76c00e91754b19b3fde7 42cbd450 71f792859c9563cbeaf95be0acf18b0c 86c684ad5c1f9db71d85f4dd42d52f62 521757216_640 amaingshots-1 amazing_shots-24 amazing_shots-25 amazing_shots-27 amazing_shots-28w amazing-12 amazing-29 art daily-afternoon-randomness-49-photos-331 fk-yeah-friday-39-photos-3 fotografie-4 ifoANuf National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 006 National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 014 National Geographic’s Instagram Photos - Totally Awesome 019 sexypix-16     1CCCHg1tumblr_lt9jwlhpE01r50wxao1_500 tumblr_ma3eny4q2Y1qez43mo1_500 tumblr_mixyo96juI1r2y35mo1_1280 tumblr_mj17my9Eoi1qghwxto1_500 tumblr_mntxovoPUK1qf9tddo1_500 w (2) w