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2016 Porsche 928 Release

2016 porsche 928 Release date Review Price specifications Redesign All New car Concept – If the truth of a rumor is measured by its unwillingness to die, the arrival of a new Porsche 928 successor is all but guaranteed. We’ve been hearing the talk for years now, with yet another restatement coming out of Europe today.
The rumors leverage the Panamera platform interpreted in coupe form, the two-door/front-engine layout being about the only thing that ties it to the classic 928. The name for this postulated sport-coupe could increment the 928 by one to yield 929. If it does arrive, it could be built by 2014 or 2015, according to an unnamed insider.
In addition to the hard-top version, Porsche might be building a cabriolet as well, though we’re not sure our mental imager can make the jump to a two-door soft-top Panamera.
Stepping back from the hype and hypotheses, an expansion of the Panamera range does make sense, in a way. The bulbous four-door now sits beside the Cayenne as one of Porsche’s highest-volume models, and there is likely some element of Porsche’s audience that would like a car positioned somewhere between the extremes of the 911 and the four-door. On the other hand, if the 928 formula had worked the first time around, it might still be with us.
Also hinted at by the unnamed Porsche insider: a Panamera-based shooting brake. Now that’s an idea we can get behind.

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