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Most twentysomethings having just enough money to pay their bills at the end of the month. Or they are partying like it’s the last day ever. While other young entrepreneurs grinding and worked off their asses off to create succes and wealth and now they are the youngest billionaires in the world. So keep playing with your smartphone and visit all the amazing summer party’s if you don’t want your name on this list below here! 10. Evan Spiegel Age: 25 years Power: 1.37 billion Company: Snap Chat 9. Bobby Murphy Age: 27 years Power: 1.37 billion Company: Snap Chat 8. Anton Kathrein Jr. Age: 30 years Power: 1.55 billion Company: Antennas 7. Tatiana Casiraghi Age: 31 years Power: 2 billion Company: Beer 6. Julio Mario Santo Domingo III Age: 30 years Power: 2 billion Company: Beer 5. Tom Persson Age: 30 years Power: 2.74 billion Company: H & M 4. Elizabeth Holmes Age: 31 years Power: 4.1 billion Company: Blood Testing 3. Scott Duncan Age: 32 years Power: 5.6 billion Company: Pipelines 2. Dustin Moskovitz Age: 31 years Power: 7.2 billion Company: Facebook 1. Mark Zuckerberg Age: 31 years Power: 30.4 billion Company: Facebook

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All the credits are going to these amazing photographers. Thanks guys for making the 11th edition of Awesome Shots possible:) Awesome Shots #11 Kahala Beach, Hawaii Awesome Shots #11 Sri Lanka. Awesome Shots #11 Canyonlands National Park ~ Utah; photo by Hans Kruse Awesome Shots #11 Surf & Ride Awesome Shots #11 London, England Awesome Shots #11 Ghana, Africa Awesome Shots #11 Sunset at Reef Puka, near Keahole Point on the Big Island of Hawaii Awesome Shots #11 Enders Falls State Park, Granby, Connecticut, USA Awesome Shots #11 St. Lucia Awesome Shots #11 Koh Phi Phi Don ~ Thailand Awesome Shots #11 The Alps Awesome Shots #11 Waterfall Gullfoss, Iceland Awesome Shots #11 Nā Pali Coast, Kauai, Hawaii Awesome Shots #11 Fairy Glen, Scotland Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Just some extra shots cause i’m in a good mood; Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11 Awesome Shots #11