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The Bugatti Chiron is there!!

Grab all the superlatives because Bugatti has just presented the new ruler of the automotive world. The long-awaited Chiron should dominate the supercar sector as the Veyron did for him. But probablt with better sale-results.

The Chiron is once again equipped with a 8.0-liter W16 with four turbochargers. This generates up to 1,500 hp at 6,700 rpm. The couple has a paving stone disintegrating 1,600 Nm.

Thus the Chiron is launched in 2.2 counts at a speed of 66 mp / h. Its top speed is – restricted – at 260 mp / h. In 13.6 seconds the needle of the speedometer – which runs up to 500 km / h – already reachs the 186 mp / h.

The production number will be on 500 pieces. The starting price is no less than 2.4 million! Check out the photos below here:












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