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BMW’S ULTIMATE POWER SEDAN 600 hp and refinement of the top shelf

We don’t need you to explain that BMW Motorsport, with their M models, is responsible for some of the finest daily performance cars that your money can buy. But the poor wretch who moves into a 7-Series never had the choice of a sports performance. Now it is, and how!


BMW M760Li xDrive

BMW finally grabs an M-model of the 7 Series and immediately do the thickest possible way: based on the extended model with the 4drive. The BMW xDrive M760Li is the absolute top model on all fronts. Finally, BMW is in the top class with Audi (S8) and Mercedes-Benz (S-Class AMG) sport reply’s.


The BMW xDrive M760Li is powered by a 6.6 liter V12 turbo, which is good for a majestic power of 600 hp. Sprinting from 0-100 km / h by namely a worthy supercar in 3.9 seconds.


BMW motorsport division has worked in the profile of the 7-Series driver. The car is indeed addressed in the technical field (tighter, adaptive suspension and more direct steering ratio) and also appearance adorned (M-detailing on the exterior and in the interior); no extra cost outward adornment can be omitted. ‘T Remains finally a gentleman.


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