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15 signs that reveals if she want sex on the first date with you

15 signs that reveals if she want sex on the first date with you

Yes we know it, women are complicated and often easy to read. Man is often uncertain whether the chosen one felt the same tingling in her pants. Simply start like a pubescent Teeanager is really embarrassing. In most cases, it did, they didn;t felt something for you. Guys wasn’t it easy if you understand the language of girls and indicated its signals properly, so you know when she is ready for a make out? In the following text we tell you the important sex signals you have to pay attention on, and don;t take it to seriously but useful it is;)

1. She laughs at every bad joke from you.

2. She bites thoughtfully on her lower lip meanwhile staring at your mouth if you tell about your favorite football club.

3. She mentioned on a rather inconvenient moment that she takes the pill.

4. Asks if you want to see her new tattoo on the toilet.

5. She wears to damn sexy clothes

6. Invites you to her home.

7. Located constantly fluff from your clothing.

8. If she says: “It feels so comfortable with you,”

9. She asks if you know how to say: “Will you sleep with me” in Spanish.

10. Eating a banana conspicuously slow and looks deep into your eyes.

11. She constantly licks her finger and the lower lip.

12. She plays with her lock of hair and looks at you dreamily.

13. She cries when you tell her that you don’t want sex before marriage.

14. She claims that she likes to wear skirts because it practically takes the “primary”.

15. She constantly whispering something in your ear. (No matter what it is.)

If the colours of her tong and bra are the same, you didn;t choose to have sex, she did! Think about that;)

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