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15 delights for a workout in the bedroom

15 delights for a workout in the bedroom

There are nicer ways to work yourself into sweat than bench pressing, and we have no doubt that you understand what we mean. Get Addicted has 15 new workout inspirations for you. Now you just have to find a training partner;)

1. Farmer’s Hold
Involved muscles: Triceps, broad back muscles (latissimus dorsi), lower back
Similar gym move: Deadlift
Why this one: If you hold on, you will both benefit from the severity of this position.
How you do it: Stand with your back against a wall. Ask if she climbs on you, support her back as she pressed her knees against the wall. then let her gently bend backwards, ensuring that they can support themselves on the ground with her hands. Because the blood flow to her head will make her almost high and you can enjoy your position as a strong man.

2. The GPS
Involved muscles:Stomach, buttocks
Similar gym move:Kettlebell Swing
Why this one:Because this position locates the G-spot frighteningly easy.
How you do it:Put her on a table or kitchen, stand up to her with your face, your arms beaten her lower back. Her hands rest on your shoulders while she sweeps her legs in the air and place it on your shoulders. It takes some agility, but the result is stunning.

3. Up Standing Doggy
Involved muscles:Buttocks hip flexors, abs
Similar gym move:Leg lift
Why this one:It looks like yoga but with more fun.
How you do it:Begin on the traditional ‘doggy style’ way. Pull your hips back until you kneel, put you back on your heels. She sits on your lap, her feet making contact with your balls. Now cozy crib back and forth until the climax comes.

4. The Controller
Involved muscles:Buttocks, hamstrings, forearms
Similar gym move:Stability ball leg-curl
Why this one:Because you finally acquire skills during gaming for years.
How you do it:Lie on your side behind her, pulling her hips toward your crotch. Put her upper leg on your hip, pull it slightly backwards and bump start. Now it’s time to put your gamer skills: caress her breasts and clitoris and kiss her neck for extra bonus points. Gently squeeze her nipples to achieve a high score.

5. The Jellyfish
Involved muscles:Biceps, hip flexors
Similar gym move:Seated row
Why this one:Extreme depth and satisfactory ‘closeness’
How you do it:Sit on your knees while she climbs on top of you. Turn your arms around each other for support and work in a smooth motion, as a jellyfish does. Because of the angle, the penetration will be surprisingly deep. And by “proximity” we mean, of course, that she presses her breasts against you. Nice!

6. The shock absorber
Involved muscles:Abs, hip flexors
Similar gym move:Leg raise
Why this one:If the road to her G spot was rather bumpy, this position will helps to find it.
How you do it:She lies on her back with her knees close to her chest. Get on your knees in front of her, let her feet resting on your chest and slide inside. Tilt forward, hold her hips and thrust like it’s your last.

7. The USB
Involved muscles:Core, hamstrings
Similar gym move:Prison squat
Why this one:With this position you make a direct connection with her vaginal nerves. Direct results guaranteed.
How you do it:The ‘plug in’ is a bit tough, but trust us, it’s worth it. She kneels on all fours, you do the same. Lean forward until you can slip into her (and secretly can look at her). The view is fantastic for you (pure porn!) While they enjoy G-spot stimulation. Win win.

8. The Spiderwoman
Involved muscles:Lower legs, buttocks
Similar gym move:Calf raise
Why this one:Because it actually does not fit – how big or small you are endowed.
How you do it:She stands with her face toward the wall and let rest one leg on that wall. She placed her hands higher on the wall for support as Spiderman perhaps had done as he had been in this position. You approached her from the side. Lucky spiderman has still a hand free to stimulate her clitoris.

9. The Toblerone
Involved muscles:Hamstrings, quadriceps, buttocks
Similar gym move:Isometric lunge
Why this one:Relax, and let her do the hard work while you enjoy the view.
How you do it:Lie on your back with one leg bent. Let her sit on your slant, with her back partially towards your face. She grabs your knee fixed, then lowers himself over you.

10. The Y-Wing
Involved muscles:Core, hamstrings
Similar gym move:Bridge
Why this one:Ask your legs..
How you do it:Lie in bed with your back on the edge, knees bent and legs slightly apart (in a Y-shape). She is on top with her back on your chest, and then slide over you. When she comes up slowly, move it back and forth with your hands. Keep your legs tightened and let her fondle your balls gently.

11. The Sushi Chef

Involved muscles:Shoulders, abs
Similar gym move:Pike crunch
Why this one:Fold, hold and roll for ideal stimulation.
How you do it:She lies on her back with her legs on the edge of the bed. Stand in front of her, place her ankles on your shoulders and slip inside. Then press gently her ankles toward her ears. If she has her bend limit range, you can find her legs slightly to the left or right roles, to encourage different places.

12. The Crunch Master

Involved muscles:Biceps, forearms, abs
Similar gym move:Crunch
Why this one:This is a real core-workout for you and her.
How you do it:You stand with their faces toward each other, and then she’s jump on you. She crosses her legs around your waist so you can penetrate. Support her by placing your hands under her hips and buttocks, and allow her to bend back. Let her occasionally come up for a quick kiss, so you stimulate her entire vagina. Find your favorite ‘corner “and get off session in this position

13. The .com
Involved muscles:Quadriceps, hamstrings, core
Similar gym move:Back squat
Why this one:The unrivaled friction creates an unparalleled orgasm.
How you do it:She sits on the edge of the bed and lifts her legs vertically in the air toward the ceiling while she holds her ankles. Stand in front of her and place your hands behind her head so she does not roll backwards. Ready to connect.

14. The Easy Rider
Involved muscles:Core, quadriceps.
Similar gym move:Bosubal squat
Why this one:This position is a more intense way to climb it.
How you do it:Start in the old ‘missionary position’, you on top. Then she crosses her legs while you bend your body towards the head end. Then place your feet on the outside of hers, while she squeezes her legs together. Punch now. Unconventional? Yes. But with this angle of penetration touch her clitoris, while it feels tighter than ever for you.

15. The Sports Massage
Involved muscles:Forearms, wrists
Similar gym move:Wrist curl
Why this one:Because you have access to a place where you normally do not come easily.
How you do it:Begin in the traditional “reverse cowgirl” position. They top, with her back to you. then bend your knees so that they can lean on them. She is then a little forward, so you have access to her perineum (the spot between her vagina and anus). Caress gently here with two wet fingers, so you stimulate her extra. Mischievous mood? Then you can perhaps try anal with her!


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