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14 things that fitchicks don't admit
14 things that fitchicks don't admit

14 things that fitchicks don’t admit

14 things that fitchicks don't admit
14 things that fitchicks don’t admit

Thanks to the magazine Women’s Health, now we know what’s going on in the female brain in the gym. You think that they focused on practicing, and occasionally you spies to your looks. But is that really so? Women’s Health provides us be clear: Any woman who sport regularly do and think those 14 things – they will just not admit it!

1. Even women do it: she smells and check her armpit.

2. Borrow toilet and care articles from the locker room.

3. She watches other women more than you during her workout.

4. Secretly checking the display of the cardio machine beside her.

Her life has not been the same without dry shampoo.

6. She’s scared as anyone using the machine or tools that they actually wanted to use.

7. May it be clear: she don’t look to you because your muscular. In her head she gives comments on your technique.

8. Do not touch “her” locker, it makes her truly angry.

9. To be honest, her hygiene has its limits when it comes to sports bras.

10. Her workout is ended when her battery is depleted, makes sense.

11. She uses mirrors only to check men (so anyway!)

12. The length of her leg-hair determine her sport outfit or even her workout.

13. Do not dare to take the cardio machine beside her.

14. Her ultimate happiness doesn’t deviate far from yours; She is intensely happy when they can weight a scolding higher.

Not happy jet? We’ve collected the most stunning fitchicks below here,


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