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11 tips to strengthen your relationship

11 tips to strengthen your relationship

Is the love feeling between you and your partner quite hard to find sometimes? With these 11 tips you strengthen your bond and firing your fire back on.

1. Hug more
Women find hugging more intimate than sex, according to research from Brigham Young University. Hug especially in the morning. This will reduce your stress level, making it even hours brings a lower blood pressure.

2. Due to the stomach
If you are planning a difficult topic to throw on the table during your evening out, wait at least until the bread basket on the table. People are unreasonable when the blood sugar is low, according to research from Ohio State University.

3. Get out of bed
Find a babysitter for the cat / kids / affectionate companion. The University of Montreal found that 82% of women fantasize about sex in an unusual place. The adrenaline rush that accompanies this will provide weeks of fun.

4. Never gamble
Before wasting half your paycheck this month to the Chanel bag that they to nag, remember first that gratitude is not equal to the height of the spending. Buy an ‘experience’ (such as concert tickets) to impress.

5. Get ready
Twenty minutes as many minutes will it take for biological stress stabilizes after a conflict. Put your mental timer and just walk away from the problem. So you avoid home for a long time to walk on eggshells.

6. Set the Tone
(Johnny) Cash is the answer when you discuss her spending habits. Emotional music does her oxytocin (the “cuddle hormone”) increased to 20%. According to a study of Psychological Science that this increases the trust between partners when financial decisions should be taken. In addition, the probability of escalation decreases.

7. Make her afraid
But do not jump from behind a door. Take her on a survival or go racing with her. A shared exciting experience creates more cortisol, which can mimic the early stages of romantic love. So you come back closer together, says Claremont Graduate University.

8. Let her sleep
Less sleep has more effect on a woman than you, the British Sleep Council found. A bad night can make them cranky hours. A tyrosinerijk diet can reduce the effect of sleep deprivation, so make sure there are salmon and eggs on the breakfast menu.

9. Wait the dirty talk
Not sure if you can submit a request nasty with her? Wait at least until after sex. Journal Communication Monographs discovered in a survey that people are more open after orgasm. So you have more chance of a positive response.

10. Write it
The same writing style have a good recipe for a long-term relationship. its so try to flip. When she starts with “OMG! What happened today … “you react in a similar (or male) way.

11. JUst go Away.
It’s good to occasionally distance. Partners who slept a night separately had twice as much sex as those who did not.

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