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10 signs that you have a serious relationship

10 signs that you have a serious relationship

Formerly, you wanted to postpone in the dating life so long as were possible, but boys became men, it’s really so far.

10 points in a row where you can recognize that you are in a serious relationship. And you may also be proud of it

1 You don’t have that not Facebook-official bullshit.
Finally a lady who is not uncertain of the fact that you have never accepted that relationship request. Or better yet: she sends him disagree.

2 You have her picture as background on your phone
After three broken relationships you chose this time voluntarily. Finally.

3 You are automatically assume that they will agree if you make a plan.
Once she is ‘one-of-the-guys’ in your group of friends you know she is a keeper.

4 You will not be bombarded with messages if you only go out with your friends.
Confidence, that is the key to a good relationship.

5 You rather go with your girlfriend to a festival or concert than without her.
Okay, they don’t need the whole day to be around, just five minutes with a fake smile is enough haha.

6 You have created a shared account for groceries.
Well so easy right?

7 You’re glad to cook together.
The time that the woman had finished cooking when you came home is over. Fortunately, because this is the most pleasant time of the day.

8 You go to her parents alone.
Honestly, say that her papa isn’t such a bad guy right.

9 You want to make a long journey
Together traveling through South America? No problem!

10 You realize that understanding each other is a better option than breaking up.
Or as our grandparents said: We came from a time when you tried to do something, if it didn’t worked, you didn’t threw it out!

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