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10+ convenient tips for buying the perfect tie

10+ convenient tips for buying the perfect tie


Ties you have in all colors and sizes, choosing the right tie for any occasion is therefore a big task. From a playful tie to a very neat tie, there is an opportunity for any kind of tie.



A tie? The most important is the length

Which tie you choose, you must always respect one basic rule. A tie must be the right length in relation to your own body length. The rule states that you need to make sure that the bottom of the tie just touches the top of your panty belt. Those who want to buy a tie will notice that most ties are 130 to 150 centimeters long. Those who are longer have to choose a longer tie. The width of a tie is basically 8 to 9 centimeters. You can hardly go wrong with a tie of that width, they hold a fixed value. Ties are made of a blend of polyester and other fabrics either of silk or silk blends. For everyday use, polyester is a good choice, in office or business environment, the side is the norm.



Going to choose a tie?

Then take the suit or shirt on which you want to wear twith you. This makes it easier to determine if certain colors or patterns fit well.


Some tips for choosing ties:

Silk ties

  • Usually fit good and of course, you do not have to wrestle to make sure he is fit.
  • Color and light drop are unique at a silk tie, also in black or white.
  • Can be ironed
  • They are relatively expensive
  • Is sensitive to moisture and stains
  • Is prone to wrinkling and must be kept rolled up.

Polyester ties

  • Moisture and stain repellent
  • Will not easily creep
  • Polyester ties are very strong and keep their bright color for a long time, so life is good.
  • They are cheap, which usually cost only 1/3 or half of a silk tie gold.
  • Polyester is free-stick material, so a hot summer is not his best friend.
  • Smells like sweat and smoke hang easy.
  • Ironing is bad because it will melt. For the same reason, of course, do not keep it too close to the oven or a fireplace.

Cotton tie

  • Breathable and suitable for winter and especially for the summer.
  • Lovely soft material.
  • Can be easy to lose shape and wrinkle.

Linen tie

  • Extremely fluffy material, so that even when it’s windy, it’s even windy. Perfect for use in summer
  • Is very strong so she does not easily break it by accident.
  • Creases easy

Woolen tie

  • For the warm winter.
  • Can absorb good moisture.
  • Can sometimes be quite expensive.
  • Too hot for summer and often has a more relaxed winter appearance.


If you’re not really interested in fashion or style then you can of course also choose a classic color tie with an even classic ball or stripe pattern. This will be able to carry you on most occasions without problems and you can also easily combine them with many shirts.

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