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10 best budget-friendly destinations for 2016

Lonely Planet putted 10 destinations in a row where you can fully enjoy without having to watch the pennies. If you book early flights and holidays outside school, you can travel cheaply to those budget-friendly destinations.

1. Estonia
Estonia has everything. Special cities, a rich history and a beautiful nature. From vast plains, to pine forests and a vast coastline. With a limited budget you don’t have to sleep in a hostel here but you can stay in a good hotel. You can enjoy a good meal here, circles indicate the bar and from pillar to post to travel without constantly having to check your balance.

2. Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are respectively the second and third cheapest places in Asia. For less than $25 a day you can eat well, spacious sleeping and discover magical places. For this you must have the ‘local spots to discover, and not dive into the first best MacDonalds. Also fun: an average of a local beer cost $ 0.50 here!

3. East Africa
east-africa-wim-van-den -heever
Because of the outbreak of the Ebola virus, West Africa had significantly not much tourists the last year. As a result, prices for Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania declined, a good opportunity to discover the particular destinations.

4. New Mexico
Are you looking for a nice, affordable, active and warm destination in South-America? The south western state of New Mexico is just what you need. The landscape ranges from the red desert to the Rocky Mountains. In addition, the kitchen is superb.

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina
The food, hotels, transportation, everything is very affordable in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The historic cities (Sarajevo and Mostar) and adventure tours (rafting on the Una River) make this destination complete.

6. Galicia, Spain

Galicia located in the northwest of Spain and is not (yet) overrun by tourists. With a limited budget, you can enjoy authentic Spanish hotels, tasteful tapas and freshly caught fish.

7. Quebec City, Canada

[caption id="attachment_17709" align="aligncenter" width="590"]Quebec City, Old Quebec Quebec City, Old Quebec

Québec has a European flair, and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can wander around for days and repeatedly discover new charming streets, dining in old skool restaurants and if you have more time you can explore the nature around the city. Here you will find namely the breathtaking Montmorency Forest and awesome wildlife in the Jacques-Cartier National Park.

8. Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
This side of Costa Rica is less touristy than the rest of the country. You’ll find turtles, you can go rafting on the Río Pacuare and diving in the reef at Manzanillo. This is a recommend place for Surfers.

9. East Timor

Would you like to experience how it feels to travel in a country without tourists? Then East Timor will be an excellent destination. You’ll find secluded white sandy beaches, rugged mountains and very low prices. There is no proper infrastructure, but you should just take it for granted.

10. Western Australia
A trip to Australia on your bucket list? This is the excellent time to go! You don’t have many flying hours, but the favorable exchange rate of the Australian Dollar makes our budgetary point of view quite right.


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